Knight and PrincessHeroic Youth has three purposes:

1 – To provide a Hero experience for children ages 8-12 through our Summit programs.

2 – To train and inspire youth to be leaders and heroes as they, in turn, mentor the Summit attendees.

3 – To create a positive, safe, Christ-centered community to be peers and resources to the families that participate in our programs.

To find out more details about Mastering Knighthood Summit, please click here. For information on our Youth Leadership program, click here.

For Crowned With Virtue Summit (formerly Handmaidens of Virtue*), click here. For Virtue Summit Youth Leadership information, please click here.

How Heroic Youth Got Started

richandem1-268x300Heroic Youth was founded in 2012 by Richard and Emily Clawson.

Since 2004 they had been involved in planning and running the Knight’s Summit (formerly Knights of Freedom). They took over that summit in 2007 and it evolved and grew into the Mastering Knighthood program. Eventually it became clear that there was a need for a broader base of programs to share the Hero message with both boys and girls and Heroic Youth was founded. To learn more about King Richard and Queen Emily, click here.

deborah and jasonKing Richard and Queen Emily continue to run the Mastering Knighthood division of Heroic Youth and were joined in 2013 by Deborah and Jason Raymond who are over the Crowned With Virtue division. To read King Jason and Queen Deborah’s bio, please click here.

Heroic Youth is designed to help mentor youth to rise up and become the heroes of today. We do this through our Summit programs which offer training in leadership, public virtue, and service. Our two divisions, Mastering Knighthood for the boys, and Crowned With Virtue for the girls, are each designed to reach boys and girls with the language and environment that best speaks to their gender. Through our Christ-centered teachings, we truly believe that every young man and young woman has the ability to be truly great.

For more information, please follow the links above to explore what our programs may have to offer your family.

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