Heroic Youth Financial FAQ

Early Bird discount for child attendees

$10 off (Regular price $80. Early Bird discount $70)

Early Bird discount applies to child attendees only (not available for youth fees). We have limited quantities at this price so register early. This offer ends May 15th. To qualify for this discount, registration must be paid in full for each child attendee at time of registration. Early Bird Discounts are not available with the payment plan.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen things come up and cancellations are sometimes necessary. Refunds are offered on the following schedule:

  • On or before May 31 we charge a $10 administration fee for each refunded registration
  • June 1- July 31, half price refund
  • After July 31, no refund

Also, please note that tickets to this event are non-transferable. We often have a waiting list.

What do the funds go towards?

Heroic Youth is a non-profit business. The registration funds go towards supplies, equipment, venues and other costs that support our events and activities.


When do event ticket sales close?

We ask that all youth leaders follow through and accept positions by May 15. Payment arrangements can be made but we want to know you are planning on participating.

Tickets for the one day Summit portion on Saturday September 2 will be available for purchase until July 31 or until we are full. Register early and select a payment plan to mitigate the cost.

How do payment plans work?

Each ticket with Payment Plan options will allow you to select (by ticket) “Payment Plan”.  When selecting Payment Plan, you will not be required to pay anything to check out (for that ticket).  Shortly after checking out (within a couple of days), you will receive PayPal invoices for your payment.  These invoices will be setup as follows:

For orders placed before June 15th:

  • 33% of the cost due immediately
  • 33% of the cost due by June 30th
  • 34% of the cost due by July 31st

For orders placed between June 16th and July 15th:

  • 50% of the cost due immediately
  • 50% of the cost due by July 31st

Payment plans will not be available after July 15th.

When do I need to have my event pass/ticket paid for?

All registrations must be paid in full by July 31st.