Youth Heroic Villain Sign-Up

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Come give a younger brother, sister or friend the best battle possible!

Who can be a youth villain? Young men and young women ages 13 to 17

You will need to attend one of the two trainings (or both) held on Aug 5th at Bluffdale Park, 2200 W 14400 S Bluffdale, UT 84065 and August 19th at Pheasant Brook Park, 400 North 800 West, Lindon, UT 84042.

Please note: This battle experience is part of an educational simulation FOR THE LITTLE BOYS. You, as a youth villain, will get to help provide the little knights with victory. The battle is for them, not a LARPing, Dagorhir, or Belegarth battle event.

Join the Final Battle!
  • Because of the changes in structure to this years Heroic Youth Event, we will need many villains for battles on both Friday and Saturday. Only Youth 16 and older will be allowed to participate in the Friday battle.
  • Because of the nature of the Heroic Youth events this year, we are inviting BOTH male and female villain volunteers.
  • ALL communications about Summit will be via email so you MUST check it regularly.
  • How old will you be on September 2, 2017?
  • You DO NOT need to have experience in sword fighting to be a final battle participant. This question just helps us to determine what type of training we need to have.
  • Swords must be of the style we use ( and in good repair - pommel intact, no holes in cover on tip of sword, foam still firmly attached to rod (no twisting).
  • We are always in need of additional foam swords in good repair. Our villain captains and lieutenants will make sure your swords are taken care of and checked in at the end of the event.
  • In order for you to participate as a Youth Villain in the Final Battle, you will need to attend a Mandatory Battle training.
  • Mastering Knighthood intends to provide an inspirational, safe educational experience at this event. I agree that my youth is attending at his/her own risk. I agree that I am responsible for my youth's personal safety. I acknowledge that Mastering Knighthood and the facilities and their representatives shall not be held liable for any accident or injury which may occur during this two-day event. I also agree to allow any photos or recordings taken of my youth during the event to be used by Mastering Knighthood for marketing or promotional purposes. I accept these terms and conditions on behalf of my youth by entering my initials here.