Youth Leader Applications

Youth Leader Registration is now closed…

For those who have registered, you will be contacted about your interview data and time.  When you come to your interview, please bring a signed copy of your Youth Leader Contract.

Additionally, if needed, here is the Release Form.

What to see a quick description of the Youth Leader Roles?  You got it!

Be sure to review and check the Heroic Youth Calendar frequently for updates and changes.

Thank you for taking the time to apply and congratulations again on your amazing decision to train and lead with Hero Quest!

Applying For Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership is the central program to Heroic Youth. Through Youth Leadership, teens 13-19 years old can apply to participate in training, leadership opportunities, attend Hero Quest, and lead young knights and maidens at Summit.

All those who wish to participate* need to apply by following the steps below. Applications will close on March 4th.

The process for becoming a youth leader will be very similar to years past with two changes.

First, there will be a charge to participate as a youth leader this year. You can read all about the details here.

Second, we have a finite number of spaces available. We can accept a maximum of 80 young men and 80 young women to participate as youth leaders. It is NOT a first-come first-served situation. All applicants (within the deadline) will be interviewed and equally considered. Then we will prayerfully make the selections for our year.

To apply, please follow the steps below.

Step One—Application

Youth will need to fill out an application (link below). The application will ask  what roles you are interested in applying for.

Step Two—Application Fee

When you submit your application, you will pay a $35 fee. This fee is your down payment on your total cost. If you do not choose to accept the position you are assigned, the fee will be refunded. The $35 fee is part of your total fee due, not in addition to it.

Step Three—Submit a Paper and a Photo

You will need to  upload a copy of your paper which will be written on the theme of “Allegiance”. Writing a paper does not need to be a long, arduous task. Simply share your thoughts about what allegiance means to you. Although we do expect you to put some effort in, we are not worried about spelling or grammar and we don’t have a requirement for length. Just do your best to share your thoughts with us.

Your photo should be just of you. It doesn’t need to be epic or professional but should show that you are willing to represent Heroic Youth through your behavior and appearance.

Step Four—Attend an Interview

All applicants will need to attend an interview with the leaders of Heroic Youth.

Step Five—Accept Your Assignment

Once all interviews are complete, the assignments for leadership roles will be sent out. Every youth will then need to let us know that they accept their assignment. If they do, the balance of their registration will then be due.

*youth who wish to participate ONLY as villains in the final confrontation will not need to apply as youth leaders. They will not be participating in the youth leadership training events or ball. They will still need to attend general summit training on August 5th. Sign ups for villains and other volunteer positions will open in March.