About Heroic Youth

Our Mission

“Heroic Youth is a training ground to prepare youth to be faithful warriors in Gods army. Youth become HEROES as they engage in servant leadership, and identify and pursue their God-given individual missions.”

We strive to fulfill our mission through offering clubs, mentoring, and simulations for children and youth.



How we got our start

Heroic Youth was founded in 2012 by Richard and Emily Clawson. The Clawsons had run Knights of Freedom Summit/Mastering Knighthood Summit since 2007 as part of American Youth Leadership Institute. In 2012 Summit and AYLI parted ways amicably and Heroic Youth was born. We knew there was a need for more programs and training to strengthen the youth and in 2013 Deborah Raymond joined the Heroic Youth family and created the first Crowned With Virtue Summit. The addition of Crowned With Virtue was long-awaited and so well received. We have now held a total of 10 Mastering Knighthood/Knights of Freedom Summits, and 4 Crowned With Virtue Summits as well as countless trainings, simulations, balls, and socials for the youth.

We are Christ-Centered

At the center of everything we do and are at Heroic Youth, is our Savior, Jesus Christ. We strive to be open and encouraging to those of all faiths who would like to join us with the understanding that we will be talking of Christ, preaching of Christ, and rejoicing in Christ.

Focused on the Youth

As is stated in our mission statement, we are a training ground to prepare youth to be faithful warriors in God’s army. We believe firmly that each and every youth has a purpose and value that is God-given. Through our simulations and mentoring we are focused on strengthening these young people to build of up the kingdom of God and to fight the ultimate foe. We teach how to be strong in moments of doubt, to be masters of self, and to see through the lies of the adversary. Our primary tool in accomplishing these tasks is the outward focus of servant-leadership, aka heroism. We have seen time and again that when a youth is focused on serving others, he or she becomes powerful, centered, and more grounded in faith and in God.

By strengthening the youth, we are strengthening families, communities, and nations.

Our programs and training events

For children ages 8-12 we offer clubs and summit. Clubs are held at the community level by parents and mentors. They can be held weekly or bi-weekly and usually run throughout the school year. Information on our Mastering Knighthood clubs for boys can be found here. For information on Crowned With Virtue clubs, click here. Knights and maidens also get to attend Summit, part of our three day Hero Quest.

For youth, ages 13-19, we offer mentoring and training through our Youth Leadership program. Youth can apply to be leaders with Heroic Youth every year during the winter. Those selected will then participate in learning about virtue, courage, self-mastery, and servant leadership through training, team building, and simulations. They will then get to participate in Hero Quest, our three day simulation. During the third day of Hero Quest, they will be the primary leaders of the young knights and maidens who will attend Summit. They wrap up the year with a Royal Ball. It is a summer of immeasurable growth and fun!

Our Board of Directors

The Heroic Youth Board of Directors was formed in November 2016 in order to support and increase this amazing movement of servant-leadership in our community, and to help it to spread. Members of the board include Kirk Graves (chairman), Krista Nielsen (secretary), Jennifer Graves (treasurer), Josef Nielsen, Richard and Emily Clawson, Deborah and Jason Raymond, Amber and Jared Johnson, and Sarah McKay.

Non-profit status

Heroic Youth has been a privately owned organization. We jokingly call it a “zero-profit company”. But that is finally changing! With the creation of the Board of Directors we are now moving steadily and (hopefully) quickly to becoming an official non-profit organization. We look forward to the security, stability, and longevity that this change will bring to Heroic Youth!